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Accurate Backflow Testing and Repair Inc. has been in business since 1990 and incorporated in 1995.  The company was founded by Karen A.G.Cartwright.  Accurate Backflow Testing and Repair Inc. is a licensed contractor.  This license serves in both residential and commercial applications​. We are licensed,bonded and insured. We are proud to be members of the BBB.

  May your drinking water be safe


About Us

Weather protection

​We are now beyond recommending backflow preventors to  have weather protection.

It has become a mandatory requirement on all new installs with the City of Tucson.

This code requirement came to life with the 2010 freezing temperatures. Losing 2800 services during those drops. 

Please become aware of the temperatures are coldest in the early morning at sunrise on the first cleared morning after a storm.  Getting up and running a dishwasher or laundry cycle can save your pipes and your backflow. Running water is less likely to freeze.


Thank you for all that you do in participating in this program. Your cooperation with Accurate Backflow Testing and Repair Inc. does not go un-noticed.  We appreciate you using our company's servces.  In doing so you preserve the quality of your drinking water.

Backflow Prevention is a system that involves the water user (that's you) in the process of protecting our water resources.

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